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Wunderkind is a global advertising & design guild. An open-source model with a vast network of gifted specialists in every area of marketing and branding. The most talented and awarded independent minds in the industry, in teams that are custom designed for the needs of your brand. Wunderkind has a strong aptitude for brand and product launches, as well as the repositioning of established brands.

Watershed Moment:
A critical turning point in time where everything changes and will never be the same as before.

What we do
Public Issues/Projects

Publicly funded projects with complex stakeholder environments.

Place Branding

Real estate and municipal development projects.


Entertainment, arts and culture experiences/offerings

Products & Services

Consumer packaged goods with a unique value proposition.


Social issues and not-for-profits that merit significant public attention


Higher education and independent school branding and communications

Our Clients
    • Audi
    • BIAAGWeb
    • COFWeb
    • CRCWeb
    • DSFWeb
    • Havergal
    • HMV
    • MetroWeb
    • Parachute
    • Renova
    • UPWeb
    • BenBridgeLogo
    • Torquest
    • Western
    • UTP-Logo
    • Sleeman
    • Sapporo
    • Ontario
    • Nova 7
    • KCS
    • Method
    • Appleby
    • PlanCanada
    • SickKids