How to Write a Creative Brief

At Wunderkind, we don’t claim to have the secret to writing the Perfect Brief, because there’s no such thing. But we can offer a template that will help you with developing a strong brief, one that will lead to superior creative work and greater focus amongst your stakeholders. If you click on Wunderkind Creative Brief Template on this site you can download a simple creative brief template for an advertising campaign or even a single ad or, with a little tweaking, a brand identity assignment.

But before you run off with the download, let’s think about the purpose of a Creative Brief and why it became the essential strategic tool, the secret weapon of account and creative people. A good brief should encompass all of the following:

  • It directs creatives to play inside a certain territory when they’re brainstorming, or ‘ideating’
  • It provides inspiration and triggers ideas
  • It offers the big Insight and rationale as to why you’re telling your team to dive deep into a particular territory of the imagination
  • It outlines the map that tells you, your team, your agency/client – whether you’re on strategy or not with your creative work

What happens when you don’t provide a good brief? A good creative team, and of course your senior colleagues who are versed in these things, will call you on it, and that’s not fun. And/or, they’ll come back with work that you deem unfocused, all over the place, irrelevant, self-indulgent, not useful, you get the picture. But it’s not their fault, it’s yours for not giving them the right brief. With the right brief, you may start to see the alluring and addictive Ideas that will give your campaign the “self-replicating” quality that is the Holy Grail in our business.