Advertising Actually Works – Wunderkind Wins Another Cassies Gold

I’m very pleased to share with you that at the Cassies Awards tonight (Jan. 28), Wunderkind was awarded its second Gold for the Because I am a Girl campaign, this time in the coveted Sustained Success category, for long-term campaigns.

The Cassies are a unique awards show, in that they recognize outstanding business results achieved through advertising, instead of judging solely the creative. One must write a convincing, fact-based case study that proves the correlation between one’s creative, media strategy, and business results, such as sales, donations, site traffic, etc. Seeing clear spikes and unmistakeable correlations is what wins you a Cassies award. It is the one awards show that both heads of marketing and CFOs have great respect for. It’s about business success, not just about being cool.

It’s especially gratifying that we won in Sustained Success, as it is judged across all categories. In 2009, after we launched Because I am a Girl, we won Gold in the Not-for-Profit category, which is a highly competitive category unto itself. But this one takes the cake. And I’m told there were only six agencies in all of Canada that won a Gold award in anything this year – tough committee!

I want to thank Plan Canada, because without an ambitious client, you can’t launch good work. And I want to thank (now I sound like I’m at the Golden Globes) our partners at Twenty6two for their agile media planning and buying, and Rocket Digital Management (RDM) for the excellent website and social media strategy. Finally, a big thanks to Penelope at Scientific Intelligence, for ensuring that we did a Structural Mapping Process ‘mapping’ that revealed the Because I am a Girl meme at the outset, which informed everything we did. An impressive team, and an incredibly meaningful cause.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to go to to learn more and possibly fundraise or donate on behalf of girls in the developing world. Like the advertising says:  Girls ARE the answer, and so are you.