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Spotlight Series – Aaron Nemoy Pt. 2


Through the Wunderkind Spotlight Series, we will be highlighting the thoughts and insights of industry leaders to explore current trends in marketing and the innovations still unfolding.


Aaron Nemoy is an accomplished creative marketer, honed and displayed through his roles as Brand Manager at Campbell’s and Senior Brand Manager at Kraft. During that time he won numerous marketing awards from the AMA, Cannes Lions, and The Globe and Mail – including winning the “Marketer on the Rise” award from the AMA Marketing Hall of Legends.

Now the Founder and President of Crowdiate, Aaron connects brands with a global community of creative talent to solve marketing challenges through a competition-based crowdsourcing platform.

Today, marketers are approaching brand management differently from their predecessors.  Aaron is an acknowledged expert in this area, and in this two-part series he will give us insight into the importance of the Creative Brief and the true meaning of Brand Purpose.