Child marriage is unthinkable to most of us. And yet it happens all around the world — even in Canada [LINK:].

So what can be done about it? How can we help stop something that occurs every THREE seconds and is often engrained in a society’s cultural fabric?

These were the questions we asked ourselves when Plan International Canada invited us (BBR Toronto) to develop their Spring 2018 campaign.
We were tasked with illuminating the complex issue of child marriage in a way that would evoke a visceral response in Canadians within seconds—and inspire them to take action by donating to Plan.

For the last year or two, Plan and other organizations have in fact offered Canadians a glimpse into the realities of child marriage. But these stories can be less impactful — and more likely to be forgotten — when they’re not told by our loved ones. Our children. Our daughters.

From this realization, we imagined showing the effects of child marriage — from the point of view of Canadian girls. This contrast highlighted the injustice, as well as the reality of a girl’s squandered potential, by forcing Canadians to imagine our own children having to endure a child marriage.

Thus, the idea for IRL was born. It would subsequently unfold across six unique: 15 pre-roll spots, social and digital content, and a number of OOH activations, from Vancouver to Toronto.

Agency: Bleublancrouge Toronto

Writer: Andrew Rennie

Art Director: Matt Sharpe

Strategy: Wahn Yoon; Penelope Fridman; David Thomas; Philippe Gagnon

Account Services: Steph Jones, Nevan Ryan

Director: Angie Bird

Production: Skin and Bones, Toronto

Sound Design: Apollo Studios

Colour: Victory Social Club

Producer: Caroline Wrinch

Photographer: Sandy Pereira

DoP: Frances Chen

Media: The Aber Group

– WY