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  • The Modern Strategist - An Owner's Manual IMAGE

    The Modern Strategist – An Owner’s Manual

    Dear Reader, Congratulations. If you’re reading this article, then you are likely a marketer or a member of an advertising agency. And this means it is quite possible that you have access to a strategist, or someone with the title of “planner”. Perhaps you are one yourself. Regardless, as you open the box called Strategy,… Read more »

  • VW lemon ad

    Why words matter

    “The change of one word in a headline can make as much as 50 percent difference in advertising response.” – James Webb Young, A Technique for Producing Ideas Recently in the middle of a strategy session with a client of ours in the U.S., I had a bit of an epiphany. I looked up at… Read more »

  • Adam & Eve

    Advertising is the oldest profession

    I grew up in a family that, like most families, didn’t know anything about the profession of advertising. My father was an economist, my mother an accountant and finance professor, and neither had a clue about how advertising was done, nor did they care much. So, they were just a bit horrified when they found… Read more »