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    Should we use polls or magic 8 balls? – part 2 of 2

    In the previous post, we introduced (or re-introduced, for those who were already aware), the earth shattering discovery from economist, Kenneth Arrow: “Aggregating individual preference data forfeits logical consistency.” But the venerable Mr. Arrow, after receiving his Nobel Prize in Economics, promptly went back to the U.S. with his award and his check, and didn’t… Read more »

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    In Praise of Judicious Time Wasting

    In college (or “university” as one says in Canada), I had a professor who by all accounts was a certified genius. At the time, in my then chosen field of Comparative Literature, a new theory called “Deconstruction” was sweeping academia, and its global avatar was the great Jacques Derrida. Like the far more layperson-friendly Malcolm… Read more »

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    The Branding of Beauty – Part 1 of 3

      Beauty, like fashion, is a category that confounds many marketers. And fascinates others (like me). It seem arbitrary, subjective, unpredictable, or simply unfair – what, $100 for that jar of crème? Are you kidding? And yet this is a regular occurrence, to the tune of tens of billions spent annually. So this little series… Read more »