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  • Harley-Davidson-Fork-crop

    Poetry & Advertising—Pt. 3:

    I’ve written about the importance of beauty and aesthetics when it comes to advertising, whether it’s a flower advertising its wares to honeybees, or Hermes communicating its aesthetic vision to readers of Vanity Fair. But today we’re going to talk about poetry. What is poetry? In this context, I define it as two things intertwined:… Read more »

  • Nuit Blanche - Art with a Little Commerce

    Nuit Blanche: Art with a Little Commerce

    In many cities across the world, there’s an all-night arts festival called Nuit Blanche, where people can view art for free in a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces. Nuit Blanche started in Paris in the early 2000’s and has since spread to numerous cities, the latest being Melbourne Australia, from what I hear. But… Read more »