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    PLAN INTERNATIONAL CANADA – The IRL (In Real Life) Campaign

    Child marriage is unthinkable to most of us. And yet it happens all around the world — even in Canada [LINK:]. So what can be done about it? How can we help stop something that occurs every THREE seconds and is often engrained in a society’s cultural fabric? These were the questions we asked… Read more »

  • Necessity is the Mother of Reinvention

    This past week, I had the privilege of spending a few days with the senior leadership team of a large Canadian pharmaceutical company, the first official L’Institut client. As a joint venture of Wunderkind, Scientific Intelligence, and Montreal agency Bleublancrouge, this new “laboratory for Great Ideas” had its maiden voyage with this client. And their… Read more »

  • How to Create a Great Idea? Part 3: Master Planning

    Is it enough to have landed on a Great Idea, a concept that has the potential to reposition your company in the marketplace, change the category, tip the scales, and allow you a significant leap forward? No. Once you’ve landed on what you believe to be this formative concept, this is when the hard work… Read more »