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  • Storytelling as the New (Old) Currency

    Storytelling as the New (Old) Currency Part 1

    I was at a marketers’ event recently. I truly hate going to these events and evade them quite successfully, but this one was unavoidable and quite pleasurable, as one of my partners was being honoured for a lifetime of achievement. Sort of like the Irving Thalberg award at the Oscars, except not televised. And yet… Read more »

  • Portal or Bright Mirror

    Portal or Bright Mirror

    Humans are inherently curious and restless. In fact, I think we are constantly riding the balance between our tendency to be habitual with our underlying drive to explore. Within all of us to some extent is The Farmer vs. The Hunter/Explorer. When we apply this notion to storytelling—be it advertising (in the larger sense, which… Read more »

  • Brands that Create Worlds

    One of the highest compliments one can give a filmmaker is that he or she has created a fully realized world for us to inhabit for two hours or so. One where every detail is thought through to be part of a larger universe that has its own rules, its own topography, its unique set… Read more »