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    Advertising & the Growth Mindset – Part 1

    The great British social theorist Terry Eagleton once said: “Everyone, without exception, operates under a philosophy. Those who think they don’t are in the grip of a philosophy they’re not aware of.” As an advocate of doing things consciously and not simply because “that’s the way it is”, I’ve recently become very interested in the… Read more »

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    The Branding of Beauty – Part 1 of 3

      Beauty, like fashion, is a category that confounds many marketers. And fascinates others (like me). It seem arbitrary, subjective, unpredictable, or simply unfair – what, $100 for that jar of crème? Are you kidding? And yet this is a regular occurrence, to the tune of tens of billions spent annually. So this little series… Read more »

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    Brand Purpose

    There once was a time when businesses – and the brands they owned – were meant primarily to make money. “Single bottom line” is the expression that denotes an exclusive focus on profit and shareholder value. In the last decade especially, new concepts like “Triple bottom line” have emerged, which relate to financial, environmental and… Read more »