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  • girls-telling-secrets

    What is Your Secret Sauce?

    A “secret sauce” is derived from the more literal notion of a “secret ingredient”, which handy old Wikipedia describes as “a component of a product that is closely guarded from public disclosure for competitive advantage”. If one is a chef, then this would be seen in the form of a “secret sauce” that takes an… Read more »

  • How to be a Great Client—Part 1: Why?

    Much has been written about what constitutes good advertising and how to be a good agency. Agency people love talking about themselves (myself included, obviously), each other, and their work. But rarely do we hear from agencies or clients any insight or point of view on being a great client. So here it comes. First,… Read more »

  • Memes and Marketing: The “Iconic” Meme

    Some memes seem to appear suddenly, like a dust devil or a full-on tornado, and then disappear just as quickly, leaving only a dusty aftertaste in our mouths, like the recent “Harlem Shuffle” meme, which was an expression of a deeper and persistent desire of ‘civilized’ people to release their proverbial Id (Freud’s identification of… Read more »