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  • Consumers vs. Customers

    Consumers vs. Customers

    *Guest post from Wunderkind Account Executive Michael Di Leo Muji, the Japanese retailer known for selling wares ranging from simple office stationary to prefab homes, has been experiencing unbridled success over the past few years. Unlike other not-as-successful foreign retailers (think Target in Canada), Muji has found a novel way to differentiate themselves from the… Read more »

  • The Re-emergence of the Planner—Pt. 3

    The Re-emergence of the Planner—Pt. 3:

    Before the Internet appeared and swiftly took over our lives, a planner had to be quite patient. Months would be spent doing research and strategy, followed by the creative work, which would then be released to the public. Anecdotal responses would filter in here and there, and a post-campaign brand awareness study would be designed… Read more »

  • The Re-emergence of the Planner—Pt. 2

    The Re-emergence of the Planner—Pt. 2:

    Planners often come from odd and eclectic backgrounds. One of the best planners I ever met, who is now head of planning of JWT Tokyo, was a former documentary film-maker. Others I’ve known came from media studies at places like the New School in NY. One had even been a train conductor. Yours truly worked… Read more »