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  • mr-grasshead-grass-grows-can-be-trimmed-248-p

    Advertising & the Growth Mindset – Part 1

    The great British social theorist Terry Eagleton once said: “Everyone, without exception, operates under a philosophy. Those who think they don’t are in the grip of a philosophy they’re not aware of.” As an advocate of doing things consciously and not simply because “that’s the way it is”, I’ve recently become very interested in the… Read more »

  • Ian Mirlin

    Spotlight Series – Ian Mirlin Pt. 3

    Reflecting on the approach and reverence for the creative process demonstrated by legends like Bill Bernbach, Ian Mirlin ruminates on the importance of empowering creatives in this Spotlight Series Video.   SPOTLIGHT SERIES Through the Wunderkind Spotlight Series, we will be highlighting the thoughts and insights of industry leaders to explore current trends in marketing… Read more »

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    Poetry & Advertising—Pt. 3:

    I’ve written about the importance of beauty and aesthetics when it comes to advertising, whether it’s a flower advertising its wares to honeybees, or Hermes communicating its aesthetic vision to readers of Vanity Fair. But today we’re going to talk about poetry. What is poetry? In this context, I define it as two things intertwined:… Read more »