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  • What is the purpose of emotion? (Part 2)

    In Western post-industrial societies, emotion has taken a backseat, been relegated to the sidelines. It’s considered inconvenient, embarrassing, distracting. Intellect, order, and action rule the roost. During our waking hours, we’re taught to think and act, but to reserve emotion for special occasions, such as births, weddings, funerals, the occasional daubing of a tear during… Read more »

  • What is the purpose of emotion? (Part 1)

    I walked into a restaurant the other day with a group of friends, a very hip new place known for its excellent Spanish-influenced food, handsome wait staff and creative cocktails. It was a birthday dinner for a good friend, and we were all in a jovial mood. It was a Monday night, so we expected the place… Read more »