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  • Mindfulness & Advertising

    Mindfulness & Advertising

    The term “Mindfulness” has begun to enter many vernaculars. And it’s a welcome thing. A former client of ours who started an executive medical practice in Toronto incorporated the tenets of Mindfulness into the philosophy and programs of a very high-end health and fitness facility. Western psychologists are starting to incorporate Mindfulness practice into psycho-therapeutic… Read more »

  • Consumers vs. Customers

    Consumers vs. Customers

    *Guest post from Wunderkind Account Executive Michael Di Leo Muji, the Japanese retailer known for selling wares ranging from simple office stationary to prefab homes, has been experiencing unbridled success over the past few years. Unlike other not-as-successful foreign retailers (think Target in Canada), Muji has found a novel way to differentiate themselves from the… Read more »

  • Stakeholder Engagement—Pt. 2

    Stakeholder Engagement—Pt. 2:

    What are the key ingredients of successful stakeholder engagement? Let’s get right to it. While there’s no perfect formula, and each situation is unique, there are a series of principles that seem to apply across the board. These include: 1)   Begin with an intrinsically inspiring vision 2)   Craft a powerful story around it 3)   Identify… Read more »