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  • Red-Bull-Stratos

    Time – Space – Revenue

    I was recently helping to lead a presentation introducing a new custom publication to a client, and was asked to provide framing remarks to ‘set the tone’ for the meeting. This client is under immense pressure to launch a big new brand while staying on budget, so it was important to remind the room why… Read more »

  • Brands that Create Worlds

    One of the highest compliments one can give a filmmaker is that he or she has created a fully realized world for us to inhabit for two hours or so. One where every detail is thought through to be part of a larger universe that has its own rules, its own topography, its unique set… Read more »

  • Differentiation in the Modern World (Insight)

    We are trained as marketers to worship at the altar of Differentiation. Differentiate or die, we’re told. What this often leads to, whether it pertains to product innovation or advertising, is a whole lot of differentiation for differentiation’s sake, without a clear sense of purpose or an insight into what makes the brand uniquely relevant…. Read more »