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  • What You Do vs. Why We Should Care

    Long ago, most packaged goods and consumer products companies learned that it wasn’t enough (or that it was downright foolish) to merely communicate what they make in flat, functional terms. Advertising is, and always will be, much more than merely an exercise in broadcasting descriptions of your products and services. That’s why have the tools… Read more »

  • How to Create a Great Idea? Part 3: Master Planning

    Is it enough to have landed on a Great Idea, a concept that has the potential to reposition your company in the marketplace, change the category, tip the scales, and allow you a significant leap forward? No. Once you’ve landed on what you believe to be this formative concept, this is when the hard work… Read more »

  • How to Create a Great Idea? Part 2: The Great Idea

    This is perhaps the trickiest post to write in the series, as there’s no magic formula for developing a Great Idea. It can come at any time, from almost anyone. But first, let’s define what we mean by the very term, and then go into what the conditions are that make it more likely to… Read more »