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  • How to be a Great Client—Part 8: Protecting the Work

    Once you’ve initially approved the work as a client, your job is far from over. Because most organizations are complex. And complex organizations have to contend with politics. And stakeholders. And more politics. Why is much of the advertising that one sees online, in the movie theatre, on television and everywhere else—generally quite mediocre? It’s… Read more »

  • How to be a Great Client—Part 7: Choosing the Work

    I have to make a confession: I was not a great client. When I was a senior executive at a national non-profit consortium in NY, my colleagues and I had Leo Burnett’s Chicago office as our agency. I remember our account director Jeffrey very clearly. Jeffrey wore beautiful Paul Smith suits that accented his sandy… Read more »

  • How to be a Great Client—Part 6: Providing Feedback on Creative

    Imagine that you’ve briefed your agency well, and now they’ve come back to present their creative ideas to you. So they arrive with their foam core boards and laptops, dressed a little more formally than usual (an extra scarf here or there, snappier shoes perhaps), with a palpable air of anticipation entering the room. They… Read more »