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  • How to be a Great Client—Part 4: More Thoughts on Choosing an Agency

    A client/agency relationship can be a beautiful thing. A marriage of sorts. Certainly a collusion or collaboration. And sometimes a match made in hell. What else goes into choosing agency? There’s no simple formula. But there are some principles that are worth considering, in the form of questions worth asking. 1.     What are my business… Read more »

  • How Do You Make An Ad? (Print)

    I was recently facilitating a brainstorming workshop in Montreal for a large pharma company, and we had the senior management do a special exercise in order to get them to think insightfully about how their brand might communicate in the marketplace. We asked them to separate into small groups and, for the duration of the… Read more »

  • How to Get the Best From Your Media Planner

    Whether you’re the client or the agency account person, your media planner is one of your most important team members. The success of a campaign is often linked to choosing the right placement at the right time. Proper media placements are what ultimately touches our audiences, builds awareness and provides a jumping off point for… Read more »