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  • How to Create a Great Idea? Part 1: Memes

    Last week I introduced L’Institut Idée, the new laboratory for Great Ideas we’re launching as of today in conjunction with Bleublancrouge and Scientific Intelligence. A lot of excitement is in the air, and the inaugural events in Montreal are happening as we speak. But while it’s exciting to talk about the Age of Ideaship, it’s… Read more »

  • The Age of Ideaship

    This week, on October 3, we will officially be launching our new “laboratory for Great Ideas”, called L’Institut Idée, or just L’Institut for short. L’Institut operates in the realm of breakthrough strategy, and lies upstream from Wunderkind, which is a creative agency. L’Institut was born as a joint venture of Wunderkind, sister firm Scientific Intelligence,… Read more »