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    When Insight Becomes Foresight

    “When you know what people really want, you know what they’re going to like.” An old boss of mine in advertising said this to me once, and at first this sounded to me like a tautology. Like saying, “a = a”. Well, duh. Then I realized that what he was really saying is this: When… Read more »

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    Spotlight Series – Ian Mirlin Pt. 4

    As a recognized veteran in the Canadian advertising business, Ian Mirlin has witnessed first hand how the industry has changed with the adoption of new digital media outlets. In today’s instalment of the Spotlight Series videos, Ian describes how this has changed the business and can we can improve in this new landscape.    … Read more »

  • Ian Mirlin

    Spotlight Series – Ian Mirlin Pt. 3

    Reflecting on the approach and reverence for the creative process demonstrated by legends like Bill Bernbach, Ian Mirlin ruminates on the importance of empowering creatives in this Spotlight Series Video.   SPOTLIGHT SERIES Through the Wunderkind Spotlight Series, we will be highlighting the thoughts and insights of industry leaders to explore current trends in marketing… Read more »