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  • Stakeholder Engagement—Pt. 3

    Stakeholder Engagement—Pt. 3:

    In this post, we explore the final four principles of stakeholder engagement:   5) Identify the right manner with to engage Once you have done the work of understanding (initially) your stakeholders’ concerns, then it’s time to choose the right channels and formats for communicating with them. Is it a public convening such as a… Read more »

  • Stakeholder Engagement—Pt. 1-

    Stakeholder Engagement—Pt. 1:

    There’s an unforgettable scene in the movie “Invictus”, which is the story of the particular chapter in Nelson Mandela’s earliest days as the new president of South Africa. In this segment of his journey, he vigorously protected and inspired the nation’s rugby team—eventually guiding them to win their first ever World Cup, on home turf,… Read more »

  • The Re-emergence of the Planner—Pt. 3

    The Re-emergence of the Planner—Pt. 3:

    Before the Internet appeared and swiftly took over our lives, a planner had to be quite patient. Months would be spent doing research and strategy, followed by the creative work, which would then be released to the public. Anecdotal responses would filter in here and there, and a post-campaign brand awareness study would be designed… Read more »