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    Going Back to Our Original Purpose

    As far as I can remember, it was in the late 90s when I first heard the term “doing good” mentioned publicly in corporate and advertising boardrooms. Until that time, it was looked upon as noble perhaps, but largely irrelevant to business. Corporations of course had philanthropy divisions, but most were meant to provide a… Read more »

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    Brands that Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier

    A client and good friend of mine asked me a very topical question the other day, one that’s on the minds of many marketers, consciously (or unconsciously). She asked whether I believed social media and digital advertising on their own can deliver sales. My answer was a succinct “No”. But then we went on to… Read more »

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    Designing Your Life – Part 1 of 3

    I was on vacation recently with a good friend, spending a week at her house in a part of Nova Scotia that I can only describe as idyllic. A few houses perched sparsely around a horseshoe-shaped private beach, in a cove snugly protected from the violent Atlantic surf. Sandy-coloured reeds covering dunes descending gently into… Read more »