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  • What’s the Meme Behind this Story?

    As I’ve said on numerous occasions to my beloved readers, everything that has taken root in our culture started out as the seed of an idea—a prototypical meme. So now, let’s take this idea further. Imagine that that seed then grew into a phenomenon that we can all point to, like a great tree in… Read more »

  • Shared Mental Models (Insight)

    Why is it that when you go back home to visit family, suddenly you feel like you’re 8 years old again? Or when you’re with your buddies from summer camp, you act like a teenager? Why the crazy behaviour of otherwise staid, ‘normal’ people when they’re watching their favourite sports team play? Why do you… Read more »

  • In Search of Beauty in Advertising

    Recently, a colleague of mine at Wunderkind gave me the wonderful gift of a two-volume set of books titled “Advertising from the Mad Men Era.” What struck me as I flipped through the pages is the sheer beauty of many of the ads, from cigarette ads to campaigns promoting Pan Am and TWA. The photography,… Read more »