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    Advertising & the Growth Mindset – Part 1

    The great British social theorist Terry Eagleton once said: “Everyone, without exception, operates under a philosophy. Those who think they don’t are in the grip of a philosophy they’re not aware of.” As an advocate of doing things consciously and not simply because “that’s the way it is”, I’ve recently become very interested in the… Read more »

  • What’s the Meme Behind this Story?

    As I’ve said on numerous occasions to my beloved readers, everything that has taken root in our culture started out as the seed of an idea—a prototypical meme. So now, let’s take this idea further. Imagine that that seed then grew into a phenomenon that we can all point to, like a great tree in… Read more »

  • Memes & Marketing—High vs. Low Fidelity

    In The Selfish Gene, a book we consider seminal and pivotal at Wunderkind, Richard Dawkins talks about one key difference between how genes replicate in biology vs. how memes replicate in society—the fidelity of replication. In other words, how perfect is the copy each time a strand of DNA replicates? Well, quite perfect when it… Read more »