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  • What’s the Meme Behind this Story?

    As I’ve said on numerous occasions to my beloved readers, everything that has taken root in our culture started out as the seed of an idea—a prototypical meme. So now, let’s take this idea further. Imagine that that seed then grew into a phenomenon that we can all point to, like a great tree in… Read more »

  • Memes Are Memetic

    Recently, I gave a lecture at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) National Congress in Toronto, where thousands of nonprofit executives and fundraisers gather every year to get professional development and inspiration. As the topic of my lecture was “Memes and Marketing Causes,” I feared that the attendance would be slim at best. After all,… Read more »

  • Beauty is Memetic

    I love airport magazine stands, or magazine stands for that matter. I love magazines. I love their glossy, superficial, ‘au courant’ feel. For me, the glossier, the better. I love the photography, the ads, the beautiful models. Yesterday I was at New York Penn Station waiting for a train and picked up a new magazine… Read more »