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  • Red-Bull-Stratos

    Time – Space – Revenue

    I was recently helping to lead a presentation introducing a new custom publication to a client, and was asked to provide framing remarks to ‘set the tone’ for the meeting. This client is under immense pressure to launch a big new brand while staying on budget, so it was important to remind the room why… Read more »

  • Living the Meme

    I have to admit, a client of ours made up that phrase in the middle of a meeting. “We’re living the meme, Wahn!” he declared, and then added with a wink, “You can go ahead and use that.” He knew it was a great expression. His name is John, and he’s the CEO of a… Read more »

  • Are you talkin’ to me?

    My business partner Syd Kessler, who has a knack for seeing patterns and tendencies (something he calls “pattern recognition”) and getting rich because of that talent, coined a term that’s incredibly useful for us as marketers: Permission Space™.  Let’s talk about what this is and why it’s so important.A good way to think about this… Read more »