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  • Harley-Davidson-Fork-crop

    Poetry & Advertising—Pt. 3:

    I’ve written about the importance of beauty and aesthetics when it comes to advertising, whether it’s a flower advertising its wares to honeybees, or Hermes communicating its aesthetic vision to readers of Vanity Fair. But today we’re going to talk about poetry. What is poetry? In this context, I define it as two things intertwined:… Read more »

  • Janene0742-1024x632

    Poetry & Advertising—Pt. 2:

    The eminently quotable Howard Luck Gossage once said: “The object of advertising should not be to communicate with your consumers and prospects at all, but to terrorize your competition’s copywriters.” And nothing produces more envy in a copywriter than beautiful writing in an ad. Even the most hardened and pragmatic ear cannot help but be… Read more »

  • starving-artist-daryl-price

    Poetry & Advertising—Part 1:

    When I started in advertising, I was told by some of my colleagues, often in a melancholy tone, that our creative department was littered with the wreckage of failed novelists, poets and painters. I took this to mean that our industry was the refuge of artists who couldn’t make a go of the real thing…. Read more »