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  • How Can a Brand ‘Own’ an Idea?

    How Can a Brand ‘Own’ an Idea?

    As of late, many brands are becoming more strategic in their approach to positioning and differentiating, and while this is a welcome development, it continues to up the ante. These days, brands are looking to effectively ‘own’ a concept, territory, or even a word. With this kind of mental real estate, they hope to secure… Read more »

  • Abraham Maslow Was a Brand Strategist

    Abraham Maslow Was A Brand Strategist

    I’m often asked my opinion or recommendation on tools or techniques to use for positioning a brand. While my default answer is always: “Use our Structural Mapping Process or your good instincts”, there is an additional tool that can help zero in on what dimension of human needs a brand really fulfills: Maslow’s Hierarchy of… Read more »

  • Brands & National Identity – Part 1

    Going back to ancient times, as the spread of empires such as that of the Romans put people into frequent contact with members of other cultures, the notion of connecting one’s commercial offerings to the reputation of one’s parent country has been a common practice. Enterprising Roman merchants were known to have touted fashions, statues,… Read more »