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  • Abraham Maslow Was a Brand Strategist

    Abraham Maslow Was A Brand Strategist

    I’m often asked my opinion or recommendation on tools or techniques to use for positioning a brand. While my default answer is always: “Use our Structural Mapping Process or your good instincts”, there is an additional tool that can help zero in on what dimension of human needs a brand really fulfills: Maslow’s Hierarchy of… Read more »

  • The Re-emergence of the Planner—Pt. 2

    The Re-emergence of the Planner—Pt. 2:

    Planners often come from odd and eclectic backgrounds. One of the best planners I ever met, who is now head of planning of JWT Tokyo, was a former documentary film-maker. Others I’ve known came from media studies at places like the New School in NY. One had even been a train conductor. Yours truly worked… Read more »

  • What’s the Meme Behind this Story?

    As I’ve said on numerous occasions to my beloved readers, everything that has taken root in our culture started out as the seed of an idea—a prototypical meme. So now, let’s take this idea further. Imagine that that seed then grew into a phenomenon that we can all point to, like a great tree in… Read more »