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  • “Should We Conduct Market Research?”

    In a famous interview for Forbes magazine, Steve Jobs was asked by the interviewer: “How do you do strategy?” And the first sentence out of his mouth was, “We never do market research”. Henry Ford famously said, more than once according to legend:  “If I had asked my customers what they really wanted, they would… Read more »

  • In Favour of Intuition

    Years ago, when I worked at a big agency in a tall glass tower, I had a client: a respected and renowned hospital, for whom my team had done some well-received brand campaigns that helped to raise a considerable amount of money. The brand strategy and creative work, I have to say, were top notch…. Read more »

  • It’s All in Your Head

    I want to use this blog post to celebrate the work of another agency, who have worked closely with our insight group, Scientific Intelligence, on a number of well-known campaigns. They are DentsuBos, and their latest campaign is for CAMH, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. This campaign hits close to home for me,… Read more »