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  • Social Mores and Advertising—Pt. 3:

    Let’s say you’re a company that cares. Cares about its employees, customers, communities, and the world at large. And you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is, but you need to make sure this is done in a way that is advantageous to the business. How do you start? Here are a few… Read more »

  • Social Mores and Advertising—Pt. 2:

    I was a dinner party the other day and was confronted with a classic debate between two friends of mine, one of whom works in advertising and the other in a government job related to environmental sustainability. Friend A (man who works in sustainability) accused Friend B (woman who works in advertising) and her ilk… Read more »

  • Social Mores and Advertising—Pt. 1:

    The times—are always changing. We are ever in a state of evolution. And advertising does not direct our evolution so much as reflect aspects of it. And sometimes quite vividly… In 1969, the venerable Western Electric, one of the most respected companies of its time, issued a groundbreaking print ad with the shocking headline: “The… Read more »