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  • How Does One Stay Premium-—Pt. 1

    How Does One Stay Premium?—Pt. 1:

    One of the toughest things to do in today’s ‘age of austerity’ is to maintain a premium brand despite seemingly harsh economic conditions. As someone who’s doing a fair bit of work with premium brands (those whose positioning and pricing are well above mass market level), I’ve been asked a few times lately to write… Read more »

  • Why Segments Exist

    Why Segments Exist

    Why is it that in almost every category, industry and area of life, there emerges a finite number, usually just a handful, of “segments” when it comes to how the market divides itself? Not a huge number—and not a single monolithic segment. For example, a few years ago I worked on a project with a… Read more »

  • The Election and the Leadership Meme – Part 1

    In 2007, Scientific Intelligence did a unique and landmark mapping session. One of our clients approached us and asked: “You can map any brand or issue. Can you do a mapping on how to be successful leader in the 21st century?” We replied: “Of course we can.” Every Structural Mapping Process™ begins with a ‘desired… Read more »