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    Do You Remember Your First Ad? Advertising and Memory – Part 1 of 4

    During the late 2000s, I worked extensively as a strategist with Live Nation, the world’s largest concert entertainment company, and in doing so had the pleasure of visiting its offices in different parts of the U.S., Canada and Europe. In every room, sitting with up to 25 executives, promoters, producers and talent agents, I asked… Read more »

  • Insight and Innovation Spotlight Series – Syd Kessler

    Insight and Innovation Spotlight Series – Syd Kessler

    Through the Wunderkind Spotlight Series, we will be highlighting the thoughts and insights of industry leaders to explore current trends in marketing and the innovations still unfolding. Syd Kessler is one of the most celebrated and awarded creative people in Canadian advertising history. He has recently been inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends, and… Read more »

  • Legendary Mentor

    Legendary Mentor

    This is a special post, one where I get to crow – and also to reflect on a topic that we might all want to think about. Last week, my business partner Syd Kessler, co-founder of Wunderkind, Scientific Intelligence and L’Institut Idee, received notification that he is being inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends…. Read more »