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  • Memes & Marketing—High vs. Low Fidelity

    In The Selfish Gene, a book we consider seminal and pivotal at Wunderkind, Richard Dawkins talks about one key difference between how genes replicate in biology vs. how memes replicate in society—the fidelity of replication. In other words, how perfect is the copy each time a strand of DNA replicates? Well, quite perfect when it… Read more »

  • World of Mouth™

    My business partner and our creative director Syd recently coined an expression that I can’t get out of my head. We were in a strategy meeting with a client and he said, “Well, this is where world of mouth™ comes in…”  At first I thought he’d misspoken. Didn’t he mean “word of mouth”? “No,” he… Read more »

  • It Went Viral

    Anything that is wildly successful through rapid and enthusiastic word of mouth can be deemed “viral”. Viral success does not require the internet per se, although the internet can accelerate transmission to epidemic proportions incredibly quickly.